Refreshers Fair – What, where, why?

Congratulations, you’ve survived the first term of the year and made it back after Christmas. It’s a difficult feat, but you did it. So, now what? Refreshers.  So, what’s the point? We already had Freshers, didn’t we? Well, yes, but there’s no harm in doing it again – particularly when free pizza is involved (thank you, Domino’s!) … More Refreshers Fair – What, where, why?


  Blending the best of the new stuff, with everyones favourite bands, Arcadia are like that cool friend that never seems to stop. Always at gigs, and always talking about ‘this band you really need to listen to’ Arcadia are in the know.  We spoke to the brains behind the show to find out more… … More INTRODUCING: Arcadia

INTRODUCING: Good Songs From That Blonde Bearded Dude

Mondays are sh*t. We all know that. And despite our best efforts, we can’t always make them better.  Step in, Callum, AKA the blonde bearded dude from Good Songs From That Blonde Bearded Dude. Like Gretchen’s hair in Mean Girls, Callum’s beard holds all the secrets to fixing Monday night blues…  So, do we need to ask … More INTRODUCING: Good Songs From That Blonde Bearded Dude