INTRODUCING: Good Songs From That Blonde Bearded Dude

Mondays are sh*t. We all know that. And despite our best efforts, we can’t always make them better. 

Step in, Callum, AKA the blonde bearded dude from Good Songs From That Blonde Bearded Dude. Like Gretchen’s hair in Mean Girls, Callum’s beard holds all the secrets to fixing Monday night blues… 

So, do we need to ask about the name?

It was literally just wanting a name, and it was the first thing I thought of.

When you looked in the mirror? And what can we expect from ‘Good Songs from that Blonde Bearded Dude’?

Aha yeah. A little bit of everything, really. I’m not implicit in one genre or another, it’s just anything I’ve heard that I like. Or anything that’s old and I’ve not played before… I just put ‘em together and hope it sounds good.

And what inspired you to join Hive? Aside from my top persuasion skills…

Well obviously, I’d heard about how fun it was from you, and it just sort of felt like when you’re at a party and you’ve got control of the aux and everyone’s enjoying your music. It’s like that but on a broader scale.

Or they just tell you to turn it off… And what was your first show like?

I was so nervous. I get nervous at the start of every show but as it goes on I sort of settle in, and I get into it.

If you could have any guest on your show who would it be?

Errr… Zane Lowe.

Finally, what can we expect through the year from the show?

I’m gonna do a sort of end of the year special just before Christmas, and then I’m starting to think of some segments to broaden the show out a little bit.

You can catch ‘Good Songs from that Blonde Bearded Dude’ Mondays 5.30-7pm. Listen at, download our app from the App store, or catch up on Mixcloud.


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