Blending the best of the new stuff, with everyones favourite bands, Arcadia are like that cool friend that never seems to stop. Always at gigs, and always talking about ‘this band you really need to listen to’ Arcadia are in the know. 

We spoke to the brains behind the show to find out more…

Tell us about your show, where does the name come from and what we can expect to hear?

We’re Arcadia and we like to play quite a few upcoming bands, a lot of them from around the area. We like to contrast them with famous bands as well. It’s mostly alternative bands, I hate saying the word ‘indie’ because it’s horrible but that’s probably what it is.

The name just sort of popped up… We tried to think of something for a while and that came up so we stuck with it.

What about features?

We have a segment of funny/weird news stories from the week that’s just been. Then we have like Manchester gigs that are coming up etc., we’ll talk about gigs that we’ve been to.

What was your first show like?

First show didn’t go too badly, to be honest. We accidentally put a song on half way through another song but that’s because we were playing it through a phone rather than a laptop. We managed to do the second song by ourselves so we’ve definitely got better.

What can expect from the rest of the year from Arcadia?

Hopefully a lot more music, interviews. We’ll try and get some people in for sure.

You can catch ‘Arcadia’ Wednesdays 5.30-7pm. Listen at, download our app from the App store, or catch up on Mixcloud.


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