INTRODUCING: Denim Jacket Weekdays

Not giving away much with his show name, aside from the fact that he’ll most likely be found wearing a denim jacket, Will takes over Hive on Monday afternoons with Denim Jacket Weekdays to bring you the best 60s and 70s classics… 

Tell us about your show, where does the name come from and what we can expect to hear?

Well, I’m Will. The show’s called ‘Denim Jacket Wednesdays’… oh wait, ‘Weekdays’, now. It was supposed to be on Wednesday but it’s not anymore. ‘Denim Jacket Weekdays’. I play sort of 60s and 70s classics. I think it’s going to morph into more of an entertainment show though. I’ll get friends and guests in.

And where did the name come from?

I had to come up with something and ‘Manc Mondays’ sounded crap… Plus it’s a bit more hipster-ish. Denim jackets seem to have come back into fashion again.

What inspired you to join Hive?

It’s clichéd but I just like music, really, and wanted to share that with other people.

What was your first show like?

It was awful. We had so many technical problems and I had to learn how to do it differently. Amber and Liv were so helpful with it though.

What can expect from the rest of the year from your show?

People are probably gonna get fed up of my voice eventually so I’ll get some mates in, get them to talk about stuff, tell some stories in line with other things. Gimmicks and stuff. I think I’ve got more to offer just chatting randomly.

You can catch ‘Denim Jacket Weekdays’ Mondays 2-4pm. Listen at, download our app from the App store, or catch up on Mixcloud.


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