Refreshers Fair – What, where, why?

Congratulations, you’ve survived the first term of the year and made it back after Christmas. It’s a difficult feat, but you did it. So, now what?


So, what’s the point? We already had Freshers, didn’t we?

Well, yes, but there’s no harm in doing it again – particularly when free pizza is involved (thank you, Domino’s!)  Moreover, January often finds us in a very different place to September. We’ve had the excitement of first term, and as deadlines and exams takeover our social lives seem to be dwindling; and we have the horrible grey cloud of resolutions to get more involved and be more productive hanging over our heads.

Step in Refreshers. Essentially a repeat of September, but with societies settled in themselves, and a terms worth of success to show, Refreshers is an opportunity to get involved in things you may have missed.

So what are Hive doing?

Everything. We’ll be taking over the union this year, with a setup in the main hall, live DJ sets on the stage, shows taking place in the studio, playlists from your favourite shows… We’re inescapable.

So come and join us in the Man Met union on Wednesday 25 January.

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 15.50.02.png



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